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  • Do you take insurance?
    We do not. However, we are happy to provide an invoice that you can submit to your insurance provider.
  • Do both of us need to be present for the Discovery Call?
    It’s not necessary for you both to be available for the Discovery Call, however, if you both can be present we welcome it. The Discovery Call is usually done with either Rusty or Erin individually.
  • How long is your process?
    Typically, a few months depending on the needs and situation. We recognize every situation is different. We allow you to set the pace and customize the experience for each couple.
  • Is there hope for my marriage?
    Yes! We believe there is hope for any struggling marriage. When you have seen the transformations and miracles in marriages we have, you can’t help but have hope for any and all marriages.
  • Are some marriages beyond repair?
    In our opinion, there are no marriages beyond repair and redemption when each spouse is ready to own and pursue their goal of connection. It requires work and humility but is absolutely possible!
  • Are individual sessions ever needed during the marriage coaching process?
    At times yes, but not always. There are situations where we will recommend one or both spouses seek some individual coaching with us or another counselor.
  • What if I want to work on my marriage but my spouse does not?
    We have seen many times how a spouse’s individual work can significantly impact the marriage in a positive way. We can help you heal and manage your side of the relationship in these type of situations.
  • Can we learn to communicate and have conflict that does not lead to more pain and disconnection?
    Absolutely! We have practical, proven tools to help you in both your connection and communication.
  • Are you associated with any other marriage/relationship organizations?
    Yes! We are Family Coaches on Danny Silk's Loving on Purpose website and we highly recommend all resources they produce.
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